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Synanim efficiently engages participants in consensus-building, driven by shared values.

Engage Stakeholders

How can you boost engagement? It is built upon shared values, a resonant action plan, and openness to broad participation. Your stakeholders must know that you share their personal values.
They must believe in your purpose and they must respect your plan for its accomplishment.


And people are most engaged when they have a role in acheiving a purpose they care about. For the deepest level of engagement, your people must feel they are a part of making your plan come to life. ​

Synanim enables groups of any size to efficiently craft a plan that embraces shared values. Inviting your stakeholders to this process makes them feel they are a part of the solution.

Develop Consensus

Consensus must be built on a foundation of inclusiveness. Synanim does this by tapping into our shared desire to contribute and to make an impact. It rewards participants who aim to understand and satisfy the desires of their group members. 

Synanim embraces groups of any size. All are equals and anonymous, enabling everyone to contribute, not just assertive extraverts. Each person has the opportunity to present and amend texts and all contributions are assessed by group members strictly on their merits.

Enhance Connection

Synanim helps strengthen social connection through creative work. Participants feel the safety of knowing their values are respected. On this foundation of mutual respect, participants open themselves to new ideas. 

Synanim projects ​may be designed to explore shared concerns and aspirations. Such projects encourage participants to illuminate aspects of life that have personal relevance and meaning. It enables everyone to express themselves, their fears, their aspirations, without feeling vulnerable, the basis of human connection.  

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