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Powered by human intelligence

Synanim guides groups of any size to a consensus built from the best ideas, as measured by the participants themselves. 
Dance Class

Engage Stakeholders

Ensure that your action plan resonates with your stakeholders' values. 

The Synanim process enables participants to discover mutual understanding and select leading contributors to champion group voices. It has successfully inspired consensus in a variety of projects such as developing organizational strategy, drafting mission statements, and for developing a public statement from more than 13,000 participants.

Synanim narrows group focus strictly upon ideas and values. It builds cohesion around universal values making it an antidote to the rancor that social media has nurtured. The only social influence it recognizes come from good ideas and resonant voices. 

Its ability to sharply focus participants makes it highly efficient and productive for a variety of activities. And, regardless of the task, participants find the process enjoyable and engaging.

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Develop Consensus

Guide groups of any size to efficiently develop consensus and harmony. 

Digital Network

Enhance Connection

Strengthen social connections through creative work.

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