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  • Powered by human intelligence.

Why Synanim?

We each have a unique perspective of the world.

To truly communicate with and engage others, we must connect with their perspective. It’s pointless to ask someone to join you in sailing around the world if that person believes the world is flat. You must first address the belief. The same is true for feelings and desires.

Synamin’s name derives from the root words “syn” meaning together and “anim” meaning mind or spirit. It brings individuals together through exercises of sharing, starting at the core of what they believe and why. This offers each participant deep insight into what they share with, and how they differ from, their group. 

Upon this foundation of empathy, understanding, and connectedness participants are empowered to present their ideas, thoughts, and wishes in ways that resonate with others. The result is connection and engagement driven by trust and mutual respect.

Participants report feeling a deeper sense of community as well as greater insights into their own beliefs and desires.

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